Syntaxmatic Technologies developed ERP@CLOUD, a web based, comprehensive, powerful, flexible, user friendly, secure and integrated automation system for universities academic and administrative processes. It may run on a cloud infrastructure or may be installed locally at the HEI’s premises. ERP@CLOUD provides automation in line with Higher Education Commission (HEC) Mission and SOPs. All activities are carried out in a paperless, quick, easy and effective manner and at the same time it brings greater transparency and accountability. ERP@CLOUD may be integrated with Online Payment Gateway and Auto SMS/Email. ERP@CLOUD provides secure, accurate and timely information to all users at all levels for better information and decision making. It improves transparency and accountability in various processes followed in the university and assists to comply with HEC SOPs and guidelines. 

Features of ERP@CLOUD

Human Resource Management System

Human Capital Management System covers all the aspects of Human Resources starting from creating the job profiles to the
separation of the employee from the organization.

Inventory Management System

The Inventory system is designed to manage movements of stock i.e. receipts of materials from supplier, issuance of materials to the user
departments, materials returns, etc. The system maintains built-in controls related to stock management like re-order level, lead-time,
re-order quantity, etc.

QEC System

The QEC System is integrated with the core applications such as HR, CMS system, Store/
Inventory, Fixed Asset to fetch QEC reporting parameters as required by HEC through
QEC related proformas. It also provides custom input forms where user can record the
additional data which in not available in the core applications such as statistics of
research paper published, grants detail, participation in international conferences etc.

Payroll System

Payroll system has the facility to set up employees’ master file and the salary
structure for each employee in terms of monthly allowances and deductions.
The system maintains the location wise/ department wise employee cost
thereby enabling the management to analyze the payroll

Campus Management System

Campus Management System automates all the academics processes in the universities.
Campuses & Faculty Details
Entry Test
Timetable & Class Scheduler etc

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System facilitate students, alumni, employees,
vendors and customers to register their complaint. System generates the
complaint number and forward the request to the relevant department for
resolution. The complainant can view the progress of his/her complaint. After
the resolution of the complaint, complainant may give the feedback.

Procurement Management System

The Procurement system is used to maintain all activities related to
purchase monitoring and execution, starting from the entry of the
requisition, getting quotations from the market and preparing
purchase orders to communicate with suppliers. It is integrated
with the Inventory system as required to maintain supply chain.

OBE System

OBE System is integrated with CMS and defines the OBE concepts like PEO, PLO,
CLO and CQI and It also provides structured way for their Assessment &
Evaluation. It defines online survey for Indirect Assessment at Batch, Course and
students level. OBE System is fully compliant with Assessment & Evaluation
concepts of OBE requirements for PEC Accreditation and Washington Accord.

Career Development System

The Career Development system offers an extensive array of services and
programs designed to help students make educated and well-informed
decisions about career choices. To achieve this, the system provides career
counselling, assessment, workshops/ career fairs, written materials and online
resources to its students and graduates.


User Management System

User Profiles, User Roles, User Access, Access Rights, User Policies, Azure & MS Active Directory Integration, Office 365 Integration, User Logs


Financial Management System

Fully integrated with all other modules such as HRMS, Payroll, Inventory and any other having financial effects.


Procurement Management System

maintains all activities related to purchase monitoring and execution covering every aspect.


HRM System

Human Capital System covers all aspects of HR starting from creating the job profile to the separation of the employee from the organization.


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