The Manufacturing Management System is designed to manage movements of stock i.e. receipts of materials from supplier, issuance of materials to the user departments, materials returns, etc. The system maintains built-in controls related to stock management like re-order level, lead-time, re-order quantity, etc. The Inventory system is integrated with the Purchase system, such that all the Goods Received Notes are linked with Purchase Order to evaluate quantity ordered, quantity received and partial status of purchase orders. Efficient management of stocks by maintaining stock monitoring parameters like minimum and maximum levels, re-order quantity and lead time.All activities are carried out in a paperless, quick, easy and effective manner and at the same time it brings greater transparency and accountability.
Manufacturing Management System was evolved by our team of experts after yearlong research on small scale enterprises to large scale manufacturing units’ matters and needs. The versatile product of Syntaxmatic Technologies poses all smart solutions for the industrial units.We nurture refined workability for formulating advanced planning, production scheduling, material requisition planning, and production report generating. Moreover, distribution organizations can live on the edge of benefit from Syntexmatic Technologies for getting maintained and assembly functionality to cope their internal and outsourced manufacturing needs to deliver exquisite value-added services to our valued customers.

Core Modules

Inventory Management System

The Inventory system is designed to manage movements of stock i.e. receipts of materials from supplier, issuance of materials to the user departments, materials returns, etc. The system maintains built-in controls related to stock management like re-order level, lead-time, re-order quantity, etc.

Human Resource Management System

Human Capital Management System covers all the aspects of Human Resources starting from creating the job profiles to the separation of the employee from the organization.

Order Management System

Manufacturing and Production Units are boosting their performance and productivity through Syntaxmatic's Order Management System(OMS) which provides stunning features to manage order management functionality to produce result-oriented products and best outcomes. OMS is powered to accommodate all processes involved in both B2B and B2C order entry ambience. OMS can handle general orders, route accounting management, both incoming and outgoing order related EDI transactions.

Manufacturing Management System

Our Manufacturing Management System(MMS) is equipped with a unique range of features to support discrete and adhov manufacturers delved in make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, configure-to-order and alternatively manufacturing processes. MMS not only controls all the activities held necessary in production line but also helps the manufacturers make better decision and any under-performance. .


Customer Relationship Management(CRM) by Syntaxmatic Technologies is overlaced with modern solutions to deal with current and customer relations. It favours you to interact and keep in touch with your customers and clients to acknowledge what and how your customers expect from you and how you can level up their expectations and demands. An exclusive offer with this system is of being come along with our main frame system unlike other companies in the market which sell CRM separately.

Payroll System

Payroll system has the facility to set up employees’ master file and the salary structure for each employee in terms of monthly allowances and deductions. The system maintains the location wise/ department wise employee cost thereby enabling the management to analyze the payroll

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System facilitate students, alumni, employees, vendors and customers to register their complaint. System generates the complaint number and forward the request to the relevant department for resolution. The complainant can view the progress of his/her complaint. After the resolution of the complaint, complainant may give the feedback.

Warehouse Management

Syntaxmatic Technologies has produced a state of the art system to cope up with warehouse management functionality that upholds the SOP's of the procedures such as receiving, put-away, renewal of the inventory and productivity. This system has the competency to tackle multi warehouse operations both keyboard, handheld and forklift mounted RF-powered bar-code scanning devices to keep an eye on every entering and exiting entity.


Planning is the crucial part of the system development lifecycle to revive or renew a sytem within a system. For this confrontation SMT's Business management software(BMS) manages fully-integrated planning process under umbrella activities for a single and multi facility production lines and distributive organization. The Planning process starts with customer's demand which holds sale orders forecasts and statistics.


Electronic Commerce has earned a recognition and changed the concepts of traditional business. This has modernized the whole business realm. To match paces with ever changing scenario of marketing SMT brings you the latest system on E-Com that bears B2B, B2C and B2B2C transactions. Employees, retailers,supplier and buyers can all approach authorized data to generate reports to check the progress and trends of the products.

Procurement Management System

The Procurement system is used to maintain all activities related to purchase monitoring and execution, starting from the entry of the requisition, getting quotations from the market and preparing purchase orders to communicate with suppliers. It is integrated with the Inventory system as required to maintain supply chain.

Business Intelligence (BI) System

BI System has the dashboards for each functional area for the line
management and top management such as VC, Dean, Chairman, Registrar,
Treasurer, etc. to monitor the performance. It has the facility to create KPIs
and drill down from dashboard to the supporting reports.

Preventative Maintenance

SMT is intended to support a spread of readying ways and infrastructure choices, with complete system administration practicality to support its initial setup and in progress usage. The systems are often deployed in thin-client mode, thick-client mode and check the machine performance. It keeps you alert when a machine needs maintenaince or underperforming than usual.

Project Accounting

Project Accounting is one of the powerful tools of the system that empowers the ability and functionality to maintain and deal gigantic records and long list of accounting and finance. Project Accounting automates project costing, scheduling and billing for both service items and product.

Routing Maintenance

In conjunction with bills of materials for discrete manufacturers and formulas and recipes for process manufacturers, SMT's routing manufacturing software functionality uses routings to help manage the entire production process. Routings consist of a series of steps which define the sequenced processes and work centers a given product must go through for its production.

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