Hire a Virtual Team

Need Help Anywhere Anytime?

Would you like to scale up business activities without expanding office cost? Would you like to employ a pool of outstanding ability without spending a fortune? On the off chance that your answer is truly, at that point you have to contract a group of tele-experts which is formally known as “VIRTUAL TEAM”.

Presently, you may wonder what a remote group is and how it can support you.

A remote group or virtual team is a group of modest number of experienced individuals (with reciprocal aptitudes) working at office to control remote area system towards accomplishing characterized destinations. With the developing requests of telecommuters, you can procure a remote group involving individuals with various abilities.In today’s era where a company’s net worth depends on performance its team, there it is born hard to afford a permanent team while help needed not very often. So it pushes a burden on you to pay a team that works on temporary problems. So for this you tend to think about the cost-effective solution. And that one we have for you. We provide you with smart services of a distance lying team of experts.

How Our Virtual Team Serves You

Database Management Services

Software Maintenance & Recovery

SEO Services

Software Installation

Website Development

Designing & Social Media Marketing

Software Testing & Deployment

Website Data Backup

IT Consultancies

Why Syntaxmatic Technologies?

Syntaxmatic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. lends you a helping hand to give the best remote/ virtual employees for all your IT staffing needs in Pakistan and also across the globe. Prior to connecting them to you, we ensure that they are timely-committed, dedicated and as professional to the work as per your needs for the same. As they have been tested and scrutinized for years and years so that we could offer you the experienced and professional cadre of the experts.

SMT is a strong believer of recommending the best qualified of all candidates from our matchless database, to comport to the expertise, knowledge and credentials needed by clients for their remote or virtual staffing needs not only in Pakistan, but at anywhere else all over the world. Thanks to the help of such an approachable workforce, companies can rise to the ever-growing demands of their business expansions and succeed with them. It also proves to be advantageous to corporate offices as they are produced available talented professionals at affordable costs as compared to the salaries they pay to their in-house employees.

Our Process

Database Management Services

Our Data Miners will explore and extract advantageous data for your business. You can also hire us to get the desired data found.


Software Installations

Regardless wherever you are or from anywhere you get your software our virtual team will do all technical work for you.


Website Services

We give a helpful hand for your website concerns and provide all and all web solutions together.


SEO & SM Marketing

A complete suite of SEO Services to help clients generate leads, acquire customers and grow profits through organic and social media traffic leads.


Benefits of Virtual Team

Time & Money Saving

Hiring a Virtual Team is found more economical and swift. You can save simultaneously your hard earned money and precious time.

Getting Work Done By Experts

Despite you want your work get done by the team of experts but it takes you over-costed to hire a permanent expert team so we have solutions to hire team of experts how long you want.

Saving of Overhead Costs

We give you the best package which not only saves your time and money but also overhead costs such as fueling, dining, hotel stay arrangements and many more.

Hire Us For Training Your Staff

We feel happy to share training to junior or less experienced staffers so you can hire us for the training purpose of your in-house team.

Get Our Service Anywhere

SMT not only provides services in Pakistan but also offers hands across the globe. So wherever you are, we are ahead beside you.

No Long Wait For Hiring

Opposite of the concern for advertising and waiting for the interviewees to come and take interview and after that you could get able to hire the staff. Long Wait! No more. Get the Best Experts Now.

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.


Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality