Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) has brought an innovation to tackle the deviance of business functionalities. Syntaxmatic Technologies in this regard has developed a powerful, smart and efficient software based system for catering all activities of your business under the trademark name as ERP@CLOUD. The system hosts day-to-day performances within an organization whether it would be marketing, accounts, sales and inventory management. All progress and reports will be in front of the authorized person instead of running after a manager or supervisor. This can help you make decisions for the future based on your previous results.ERP@CLOUD is your business partner that looks after your business when you are away from your business deals. The reporting tools of ERP@CLOUDuse advanced filtration techniques and analytics to pass over data for inconsistencies. Features of ERP@CLOUD software like duplication also assures data is updated and duplicate-free. With data integrity whole, managers can generate reports with realistic forecasts. Similarly, estimates are within a sensible range of outcomes.

Core Modules

Human Resource Management System

Human Capital Management System covers all the aspects of Human Resources starting from creating the job profiles to the
separation of the employee from the organization.

Inventory Management System

The Inventory system is designed to manage movements of stock i.e. receipts of materials from supplier, issuance of materials to the user
departments, materials returns, etc. The system maintains built-in controls related to stock management like re-order level, lead-time,
re-order quantity, etc.

Financial Management System

Financial Management System is fully integrated with all other modules such as HRMS,
Payroll, Inventory, Transport Management System and any other having financial effects.

Project Management System

Project Management System has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage
multiple projects. It gives the summarized status of the project from project initiation
till the closing of the project at any given time. It facilitates to measure the
performance of the project and manage the project including risks and issues as well
as recommendations & suggestions.

Payroll System

Payroll system has the facility to set up employees’ master file and the salary
structure for each employee in terms of monthly allowances and deductions.
The system maintains the location wise/ department wise employee cost
thereby enabling the management to analyze the payroll

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System facilitate students, alumni, employees,
vendors and customers to register their complaint. System generates the
complaint number and forward the request to the relevant department for
resolution. The complainant can view the progress of his/her complaint. After
the resolution of the complaint, complainant may give the feedback.

Business Intelligence (BI) System

BI System has the dashboards for each functional area for the line
management and top management such as VC, Dean, Chairman, Registrar,
Treasurer, etc. to monitor the performance. It has the facility to create KPIs
and drill down from dashboard to the supporting reports.

Transport Management System

Transport Management System module is integrated with Fixed Assets Module,
Human Capital Management System, Accounts and Complaint Management System.
It maintains details of routes and trips of different vehicles along with pick and drop
points and assigns the drivers and conductors to different routes. Duty rosters may
be generated in the system. Trip logs are recorded in the system.

Procurement Management System

The Procurement system is used to maintain all activities related to
purchase monitoring and execution, starting from the entry of the
requisition, getting quotations from the market and preparing
purchase orders to communicate with suppliers. It is integrated
with the Inventory system as required to maintain supply chain.

User Management System

User Profiles
User Roles
User Access Levels
Access Rights
User Types User Policies
Microsoft Active Directory Integration
Azure Active Directory Integration
Office 365 Integration.
User Logs

Maintenance Management System

Maintenance Management System facilitates in both preventive and corrective
maintenance. It defines the Preventive maintenance period, tasks, setup resources and
allocates teams for the maintenance activities. It provides Job Ticket Console to display
all the scheduled maintenance jobs and generates new job for particular machine.
System allows to keep record of faults/breakdown incidences, root causes and corrective actions to respond any incident.

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